Thursday, 14 June 2018


KYMCO “Ionex” open energy platform

At the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in March, KYMCO unveiled what it describes as a “game-changing electric scooter solution that eliminates all barriers to going green”.
The Ionex scooter charging architecture is the world’s first multi-function open energy platform - a rechargeable Li-ion battery system that KYMCO says has the potential to eliminate waiting times, massively improve battery portability and deliver a range of up to 200 km.

The system uses shared outlets and public charge locker infrastructure to charge removable battery packs that are housed in an ergonomically efficient smart energy bay that is said to make doing so a lot easier than has been the case so far.
Weighing less than 5 kg and with a carry-friendly design, the under-floor battery placement is said to help the electric scooter achieve the lowest possible center of gravity possible while creating “the largest under-seat storage ever”.
Each KYMCO Ionex scooter has an internal core battery, so it can still be ridden with the portable batteries removed. The core battery is kept constantly fully charged by the removable batteries. Ionex automatically selects the optimal battery to charge the core battery and decides on the right battery to supply power. It makes all batteries work seamlessly work together.
KYMCO claims that the Ionex energy architecture eliminates the two primary obstacles riders face in making the decision to “go green” – range anxiety and the (currently) limited number of charging stations.
The batteries can be home-charged, and during the day an extensive Ionex Charge Point Network will mean riders can hand over their battery to have it charged; most charge points can fully charge a battery in less than an hour. Ionex also offers extra batteries for rental, these can be stored under the seat.
Additionally, the Ionex Power Outlet Network are locations where riders can use the public outlets to charge their battery; KYMCO says it has designed the charger to be easily portable and to fit neatly in the scooter.
“To scale everything to the next level, the Charge Point Network, Extra Battery Rental and Power Outlet Network all embrace the spirit of the sharing economy. Everyone is invited to take part in this open energy network. Aside from raising their public image, participating businesses can draw potential customers to their establishment”.