Thursday, 7 June 2018


Matris brings suspension tuning and adjustability to the TMAX

Italian suspension specialist Matris has released a new series of model-specific applications for Yamaha’s top-selling and class-defining TMAX ‘Maxi’ Scooters from the 500 cc version first seen in 2008 right up to the 2018 models.


Suspension has always been one of the weaknesses of the Yamaha design, as it is on all of the larger displacement and dual purpose or longer distance scooter designs on the market, but Matris says it has stock replacement suspension components that are tuned specifically to deliver the improvements in suspension performance that owners need.
For the model year 2008-2011 500 cc and 2012-2014 530 cc TMAX M46KD and M46KF, multi-adjustable rear monoshocks are additionally equipped with flex-knob hydraulic spring preload.
On the front, the innovative F15K hydraulic cartridge, multi-adjustable in compression rebound spring preload, will transform the original non-adjustable fork into the kind of fully adjustable solution that riders need – alternatively the “entry level” FKE and FSE fork sets offer spring preload adjustment. 


For the 2015-2016 and 2017-2018 530 cc TMAX variants, Matris’ model-specific tuned M46KD and M46KF multi-adjustable rear monoshocks also have the flex-knob hydraulic spring preload adjustment, and complete multi-adjustable “quad valve” hydraulic cartridge kits deliver the same levels of adjustability options - the newest F20K series and the “entry level” spring and hydraulic kit (FKS and FRK series).
Matris says its dedicated settings and spring kits can be installed without modifications to the original fork.