Friday, 1 June 2018


Euro 4 slip-ons for Z900RS

Leading Italian exhaust manufacturer SC-Project has introduced these new Euro 4 homologated slip-ons for Kawasaki’s popular Z900RS that are said to emphasise the racing retro look of the Kawasaki. 


Their all-new S1-GP, together with the Conic 70's, Twin Conic 70's and GP PureBlack, are said to “perfectly combine the vintage lines of '70s/'80s bikes with the contemporary materials and performance values of modern sports bikes.

Conic 70's

“Our R&D Department has selected only the best materials to ensure riders get products with the inimitable aesthetics that only Made in Italy excellence offers. The quest for perfection in every detail has led to the development of the PureBlack line - the uniquely intense black embodies all the powerful assertiveness of the Kawasaki Z900RS.
“But the research doesn't end with the aesthetics. It also involves another key factor - the sound”. SC-Project says it has given the Z900RS a richer, more captivating sound, “adding that unmistakeable SC-Project note, but without distorting Kawasaki’s own great sound design”. 

Twin Conic 70's

The company says that each of the S1-GPs delivers increased torque and power across the rev range and major weight savings compared to the original muffler. “Such performance stems from years of experience with the top MotoGP and Superbike teams - racing-derived technology and expertise has been applied to daily road riding in the form of a TÜV approved product that complies with strict Euro 4 standards”.
The range of new mufflers for the Kawasaki Z900RS “completes the SC-Project slip-on line. A line characterised by easy-to-fit assembly, which means the original silencer can be replaced in just a few minutes. A line that, like the rest of the SC-Project range, was designed, developed and built entirely in Italy”.