Friday, 23 March 2018


Barkbusters - from the dirt track, to the race track, to the street

Barkbusters, the world leader in motorcycle handguards, revealed a new prototype AERO-GP model hand guard at EICMA in late 2017.
The AERO-GP is a new road-orientated product that “brings together track day fashion and everyday practicality,” according to founder, inventor and Managing Director Matt Philpott.

“It wasn’t just a case of ‘show and tell’ at EICMA 2017. While riders around the world can already buy our existing extensive range of handguards in 34 countries, more and more international dealers and distributors are approaching us with a view to stocking our award-winning designs every year.”
The AERO-GP is a racing style lever protector that gives dealers an option to meet the growing demand for lever, hand and wrist protection on street bikes used in the increasingly congested suburban and urban riding environments.
“Unlike many of the other lever guards already on the market, the AERO-GP is not just a piece of CNC-machined jewellery for track riders, it’s a functional guard styled in the unique Barkbusters way - a design that offers a practical and stylish solution for real world road riding”.

Managing Director Matt Philpott: The AERO-GP “brings together track day
fashion and everyday practicality”

The unveiling of the new prototype handguard at EICMA gave Barkbusters’ distributors and the international motorcycle market in general an insight into how one successful specialist Australian business is not only diversifying its product range, but preparing to evolve the concept of the protection that well designed, well-made handguards can provide for riders and machinery of all kinds.
“In our ever more congested city and urban environments it won’t be long before hand and lever protection is considered as much of a necessity for street bike riders as it has been for off-roaders for decades, and we here at Barkbusters intend to have all the options and angles covered”.