Friday, 23 March 2018


New Venhill cables for the long haul

British motorcycle control specialist Venhill now offers extra-long universal throttle and clutch cable kits, ideal for custom builders and riders looking to fit higher bars or bar risers. 

Throttle cable kits come with 2.35 metres of teflon-lined black conduit, available in a choice of 5 mm or 6 mm diameter. Both are supplied with 2.6 m of galvanised steel inner wire strand and a selection of fittings.
One end of the inner wire comes fitted with a carburettor nipple, while the other end can be cut to length and the required nipple soldered in place - fittings can be adapted for a range of models.
Clutch cable kits also come with 2.35 m of teflon-lined outer conduit and 2.6 m of galvanised steel inner rope, for maximum strength with minimum stretch. Two versions are available, one with metric adjusters and the other with imperial fittings.
Imperial and metric throttle and clutch kits available. Those wishing to add a splash of colour can specify outer conduit in blue, green, red grey or yellow at no extra cost.