Thursday, 1 March 2018


H-Full back armour

Designed for the rear pocket of Hevik’s jackets, this first spinal protector introduced as part of the new collection is said to be “one of the latest generation of protectors - level 2 approved, it is highly technical without compromising the comfort or fit of any Hevik jacket”.

This is the first time the Italian brand has entered the safety products sector and created a full back protector with CE FB level 2 approval, which, according to EN 1621-2:2014, is the highest accreditation.
The Hevik H-Full back armour is a multi-layer product made from memory foam with a multi-layer construction – the layers can slide independently of each other to efficiently distribute the energy, reducing the energy that is transmitted to the spinal area, even in an impact occurring at an adverse angle.

“Nothing has been left to chance, and even the central seams have been designed to provide maximum structural support, ensuring that any distortion is immediately corrected with the protector returning to its original shape. Safety was obviously the priority during the design process. The comfort, ventilation and flexibility are outstanding, but were all engineered to ensure safety remained maximised,” says Hevik.
H-Full back armour is made of Italian materials and available in three sizes, in 44 to 52 cm lengths.

HEVIK S.r.l.