Friday, 9 March 2018



GIVI’s patented ‘Tanklock’ system enables a tank bag to be secured to a fuel filler cap - the new ‘ED’ version is an upgrade, equipped with a lock and currently available on three new models of tank bag - the ST605 (from the Sport-T range) and the UT809 and UT810 from the Ultima-T range.

The company says that its Tanklock system is an alternative to any other fastening system available on the market (such as conventional belts or magnets), enabling a bag to be attached and detached in a second, simply by activating a lever. Increased security is provided by the incorporated security lock system.
The lock enables the key to be removed, even when the lock is in the open position. There is no need to use the key every time the bag is released from the fitting, simply use it to lock the bag every time the motorcycle is left unattended.
One key serves for up to five locks using the SL102, SL103 and SL105 lock barrel/key kits; the same key with either two, three or five matching lock barrels can also be used in GIVI accessories equipped with the Security Lock system, such as top cases, toolbox, side cases or trolley bases.