Thursday, 1 March 2018


Stefano Chiozzotto - Bultaco Regional Manager for Europe

Spanish ‘comeback’ Bultaco continues to implement its ambitious development plan with the appointment of Stefano Chiozzotto as Regional Manager for Europe.

Jorge Bonilla, left, says new European Regional manager Stefano Chiozzotto will “add value to the implementation and expansion of the Bultaco brand in Europe”

Reporting to Jorge Bonilla, the Director General and Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Chiozzotto will be responsible for the development of Bultaco’s growing dealer network in Europe, as well as the management and supervision of sales, post-sales and marketing activities.

A dual Italian and Spanish national, Milan born Chiozzotto is a graduate of Luigi Bocconi University, the University of Economics in Vienna, the IMD Business School in Lausanne, and Franklin Covey in Milan. He boasts more than 20 years of professional experience in multi-national settings in different European countries.
An expert in business development and opening up new international markets, he has held various executive positions at IVECO in Spain, Portugal, Romania and its subsidiaries in the Balkans. He has been the Export Sales Manager for Beta Utensili in Milan, as well as serving in general management for sales and marketing consultancies.

Bultaco’s ‘Brinco’ in action

“The addition of Stefano Chiozzotto to our structure as the new Regional Manager for Europe will be of extraordinary value for the implantation and expansion of our brand here. With demand and opportunity driving us forward it is essential to have the very best team, and Stefano Chiozzotto is going to be a vital part of it,” said Jorge Bonilla.
Commenting on his appointment, Chiozzotto said “I undertake this new role with great enthusiasm. This is an exciting time to be joining a legendary brand such as Bultaco and there is no question that there is a great future ahead for us.”
The company was founded on May 17, 1958 by Don Paco Bultó. Over the course of its history Bultaco has marketed legendary models like the Sherpa, Matador, Metralla and Frontera, and won countless Spanish and international championships, with renowned racers like Ángel Nieto, Jorge Martínez Aspar, Sammy Miller and Barry Sheene.

The Bultaco of the 21st century is based on advanced contemporary technology with its proprietary electric propulsion system, energy regeneration and storage solutions to achieve “hitherto unknown battery life, high-level components, and the use of ultra-light materials,” says Bonilla.
“The new Bultaco Motors team continues to uphold the “Thumb-up” brand’s spirit, being true to the traditional values that drove its success - passion, innovation and competition. It has drawn inspiration from the names of its legendary motorcycles, and is proud of its heritage, but does not dwell in the past, always looking ahead.”