Thursday, 1 March 2018


Protection for MT-07

Czech manufacturer RDmoto was founded in 2001 with the intention to “build and offer the widest range of tuning and protective accessories”.

Within 3 years the company was already offering crash protectors for more than 100 models and had started to produce crash frames for tourers and a growing range of luggage and accessory mounting racks.
Owned by Martin Drasnar, with Petr Holoubek driving the fast-growing export sales programmes, the company has expanded to offer clutch and brake levers, handlebar ends, swingarm stand supports, oil caps, frame sliders, spindle protectors and tuning accessories.

Seen here for Yamaha’s popular MT-07 eight-valve dohc 700 cc Twin roadster, RDmoto is offering spindle (axle) protectors, engine crash frames in steel, large impact zone frame sliders, brake and clutch levers in standard and short lengths and handlebar ends.
All RDmoto products are available in a selection of model colour match and custom colours.