Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Parts Europe

The end for harassed hands: the new Neken SFH handlebar

Parts Europe says this new SFH handlebar kit from French manufacturer Neken could “revolutionise riding”.

The company says that anyone who has not yet tested the new SFH “probably won’t believe how comfortable it is”.
The SFH (Smooth Feeling Handlebar) has been developed to reduce the tiring vibrations and energy transmitted to the rider’s hands through “even the best grips and gloves.” The diameter of the handlebar ends has been made narrower so that grips with thick padding can be used. 

They were specially designed by Neken to maintain the same grip diameter despite the thick padding. “But the riding comfort is amazing - the padding absorbs the shocks, which prevents the gloves from rubbing on the palm. Irritations are minimised. The result is unbelievable”, according to Parts Europe, “providing significantly more comfort and longer riding without burning or pain”.
The SFH handlebar, the throttle grommet with adapters and the special SFH grips are available in different designs and colours as well as different dimensions.  Parts Europe is Neken’s exclusive distributor.