Thursday, 15 March 2018

Splash Design

Waterproof summer jacket

Dutch specialist Splash Design’s new Macna brand ‘Imbuz’ waterproof summer jacket “is not your average jacket,” according to CEO Patrick Kant. Waterproof and styled to impose, the ‘Imbuz’ is “ready to hit the streets”.

SafeTech CE-protection on the shoulders and elbow, as well as foam padding that can be switched with the rider’s own or an additionally available back protector means it offers safety as well as style. The Raintex membrane is detachable so the ventilation zippers can cool in summer and the hood can be fixed in position, so it isn’t acting as a wind collector.
The jacket itself can be attached to a belt with an integrated loop at the back, has a fixed mesh liner, is made in 500 denier Polyester, has a water tight Aquazipper with glove-friendly “Zip Grip”.

Also seen here, the ‘Assualt’ gloves have a goat leather palm and spandex top. Lightweight and flexible, they have the look and feel of an enduro glove, but protection suitable for urban use, including RISC protection on the palm, hard external finger protectors and a 3D temperfoam knuckle protector.
Ergonomically speaking, the thumb and index finger (with “Touch Tip” for electronic devices) are made of one piece, as opposed to having an annoying seam at the thumb - Macna call it ‘Ergothumb’. 

Gloves are where the Macna brand started. It has its origins in 1990 with a new and more cost-effective production method for waterproofing gloves. The first Macna jacket followed in 1996 and although it (inevitably) looks nothing like contemporary Macna designs, it shares the same excellent price/quality ratio.
Since then innovations have flowed - the Sandwich System, Vision vest, Summer Comfort System, Twin Shell, and their Night Eye Technology that we here at IDN awarded 2012 Hot100 recognition.
Microscopic glass beads in the Night Eye fabric work like small satellite dishes, and these tiny mirrors will reflect the light right back where it came from and make the rider light up in car headlights from a long distance - the same principle as used in road reflectors, but miniaturised and refined for motorcycle apparel use.
With this technology Macna succeeded to let a normal motorcycle jacket that was just plain grey in the daytime light up like a bulb at night for an all new level of visibility that is at least the equal of the very best high-visibility materials, inserts or bibs.
Splash Design has some 8,000 sq m of offices, showroom, design, warehouse and research and development space and a staff of more than 55 people - 9 of them dedicated to design and development.

The Macna range is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. CEO Patrick Kant told IDN that “Macna only started to sell outside its ‘domestic’ Benelux markets 12 years ago. We had seen a lot of our designs and innovative ideas being copied worldwide - a huge problem for lots of European brands, but it also showed us the potential of the brand.
“Macna is riding gear with attention to detail and innovations - all at medium prices. The design of Macna has set new trends, both for adventure style riders and for young, fashionable naked bike and retro bike riders. Macna creates demand and dealers can build on that. Consumers are surprised with its design and innovations, so when they spend money of new motorcycle gear, which they like to do when they see new styles and innovations, not just when previous gear is worn out, dealers find that Macna is a popular choice - it boosts sales in all motorcycle clothing departments”.