Friday, 9 March 2018

DID (Daido Kogyo)

Anti-Shock Performance MX race chain

Japanese manufacturer DID (Daido Kogyo) has updated its track, off-road and high-performance ER X-Ring chain programme with a next generation 520ERT3 for 2018. Based in Bologna, Italy, and established in 2004, DID Europe sells through leading distributors throughout Europe.

The new 520ERT3 features “Anti-shock Performance” - technology that reduces the process of “Plastic Elongation” caused by the momentary excessive tension load on a part of the chain that causes the chain pin holes to deform over time.
DID have shown greatly increased resistance to such deformation, by up to 25 percent, by improving the plate material over that used in their 520ERT2 - itself a well-regarded and durable product for MX applications.
DID says that the new design is some 3 percent stronger with zero increase in weight - a result of the company’s ongoing investment in materials research and advanced manufacturing technology.
Additional features include SDH (surface hardened) pin treatment, seamless solid bushing and characteristic gold finish.