Friday, 23 March 2018

Stein Dinse

Passion for Italian

Based near Brunswick in northern Germany, it isn’t often that anyone manages to build a business with such a clearly defined specialty into the size of operation that Italian parts specialist Stein Dinse is today.

But Hans-Dieter Stein has managed it. He started the business in 1983 and as the company celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, it is selling over 40,000 different products from more than 200 different vendors from a 7,000 sq m (70,000 sq ft) facility that is 100 percent dedicated to the “Passion for Italian”.
Specifically, a passion for all things Moto Guzzi, Ducati and Aprillia – with a hint of MV Agusta thrown in for good measure!
Indeed, so successful has the formula been that those 35 years of hard work have meant that Stein Dinse is by far the world’s largest spare part and accessory seller for these brands, with a native speaker service staff that are one of the world’s major knowledge resources for parts for Italian made motorcycles.

Hans-Dieter Stein: “For older models, we offer several spare parts and accessories, which are completely sold out in the market or no longer available”

Not just ‘late-model’ parts either – the company sells hundreds, in fact thousands of parts for older models, especially Moto Guzzi models, that are just not available from anyone else, anywhere.
“For older models, we offer several spare parts and accessories, which are completely sold out in the market or no longer available. It may happen that there is a missing part in our range, but since we are deeply engaged with preservation of the old machines, we can always ask our alternative suppliers,” says Hans-Dieter.
“Through decades we continuously developed the trading of components and spare parts for the great Italian brands Ducati and Moto Guzzi. Meanwhile, we are the official importer for Dellorto, Brembo, Mistral and Unibat, offering almost every spare part for the current Italian models.

“We sell to dealers and to enthusiasts, and in addition to our catalogue, we offer our entire range, including many specialty service and repair replacement spare parts and components online too – with excellent shipping to all European destinations and beyond and orders placed up to 4 pm usually being shipped the same day.
“In fact, despite regular maintenance and revision, we are getting ready for another major upgrade and relaunch of our e-commerce platform this year with even better functionality and help for our customers”.
The available product line stretches from replacement engine and service components such as filters, pads, tyres, oil and gaskets, to exhausts, brake lines, luggage and luggage carriers, calipers, discs and lifestyle parts such as helmets and apparel.


Off-grid solutions - OptiMate DC to DC

If a rider is nowhere near an AC power outlet and the motorcycle’s battery needs charging, most of the options he or she has are halfway between less than ideal and impractical.
A 12V battery can be jump-started from another vehicle or a friend’s motorcycle - but where are the correct jumper cables when you need them?

You can use one of those nifty lithium jump packs, that is, if you’ve not cooked it to death in your saddlebag! However, the problem remains after starting, and even after many hours of riding to recharge the battery - if that battery has developed sulphation, it has lost its ability to hold charge; or to put it into real world perspective, the ‘no start’ problem will repeat the next morning.
If you have a flat 12.8V-13.2V lithium battery, jump starting is risky. A flat lithium battery can suffer permanent damage if high current is dumped into it. A low volt lithium battery needs to be nursed back to health (in reality, slowly charged back up to at least 10-20 percent) before it can take and deliver high current. 

The new OptiMate DC to DC is “a perfect and safe solution for any powersport battery,” according to TecMate CTO Martin Human, “including for 12.8V-13.2V lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.
“It is fully automatic, so there is no need to figure out what battery type is in the vehicle. Simply hook it up to a fully charged 12V source battery (e.g. a good Samaritan’s car or pickup truck) and then within a minute to the flat 12V lead-acid or 12.8V-13.2V lithium (LiFePO4) battery — even a lithium battery with built in BMS (battery management system) protection.
“The OptiMate DC to DC model TM500 will automatically reset the BMS (if the battery has one) and save/recondition that flat low-volt battery, charge it at 2 amps, then test and maintain the battery.
“The good news for those impatient to ride, with a charge rate of 2 amps the battery will be good and ready the moment the green test LED lights up, which means 1-2 hours for your typical lithium battery or 4-6 hours for an AGM lead-acid. That battery will be reconditioned and ready to ‘start your engine’ the next morning.”



Barkbusters - from the dirt track, to the race track, to the street

Barkbusters, the world leader in motorcycle handguards, revealed a new prototype AERO-GP model hand guard at EICMA in late 2017.
The AERO-GP is a new road-orientated product that “brings together track day fashion and everyday practicality,” according to founder, inventor and Managing Director Matt Philpott.

“It wasn’t just a case of ‘show and tell’ at EICMA 2017. While riders around the world can already buy our existing extensive range of handguards in 34 countries, more and more international dealers and distributors are approaching us with a view to stocking our award-winning designs every year.”
The AERO-GP is a racing style lever protector that gives dealers an option to meet the growing demand for lever, hand and wrist protection on street bikes used in the increasingly congested suburban and urban riding environments.
“Unlike many of the other lever guards already on the market, the AERO-GP is not just a piece of CNC-machined jewellery for track riders, it’s a functional guard styled in the unique Barkbusters way - a design that offers a practical and stylish solution for real world road riding”.

Managing Director Matt Philpott: The AERO-GP “brings together track day
fashion and everyday practicality”

The unveiling of the new prototype handguard at EICMA gave Barkbusters’ distributors and the international motorcycle market in general an insight into how one successful specialist Australian business is not only diversifying its product range, but preparing to evolve the concept of the protection that well designed, well-made handguards can provide for riders and machinery of all kinds.
“In our ever more congested city and urban environments it won’t be long before hand and lever protection is considered as much of a necessity for street bike riders as it has been for off-roaders for decades, and we here at Barkbusters intend to have all the options and angles covered”.


Vertex (VP Italy)

Vertex for All Balls and Arrowhead

Italian specialist Vertex (VP Italy) is the primary European “go to” for the American All Balls Racing and Arrowhead ranges of parts and accessories.
“Everything you need in one convenient package at prices you can afford” is the All Balls promise, offering what they say is the industry’s “most comprehensive line of bearing and seal kits, drive line and suspension kits, carburetor repair kits, brake repair kits, throttle and friction cables and more.

For late model on or off-road ATVs or UTVs “we have you covered with the replacement and upgrade bearings and drive line components you need for most popular makes and models in the quality you need to handle any extreme use - available by model or by dimension. 

“We also offer an exceptional range of Vintage kits dating back to 1971 models with older components upgraded to the latest specs and designs”.
Arrowhead Electrical Products is a global producer of rotating electrical parts and their components. “We have been proudly serving our customers for over 45 years, and our mission is to sell high quality products at great prices while providing exceptional customer service.
“At Arrowhead we think we have the most qualified and experienced customer service team in the industry! Our staff is prepared to answer all your application and technical questions. We offer a broad range of units for the on and off-road motorcycle, ATV, UTV and PWC replacement markets”.


Rainers Sports

Racing boots and gloves


Founded in 1988, specialist Spanish motorcycle boots manufacturer Rainers’ new short H-94 racing boot is made from high quality micro fibre, with TPU reinforcements and an adjustment buckle at the instep area. The dual material slider and carbon reinforcements near the outside area of the heel ensure optimal protection.

Also seen here, their SPV-6 cow’s leather racing glove has TPU protectors at the knuckles, fingers and palms with some areas also featuring Superfabric material and a new protector in the cuff area. The lining is made from polyester in the palm area, and the upper has a 165 g Kevlar layer, plus Coolmax offers good protection and optimal breathability.



New Venhill cables for the long haul

British motorcycle control specialist Venhill now offers extra-long universal throttle and clutch cable kits, ideal for custom builders and riders looking to fit higher bars or bar risers. 

Throttle cable kits come with 2.35 metres of teflon-lined black conduit, available in a choice of 5 mm or 6 mm diameter. Both are supplied with 2.6 m of galvanised steel inner wire strand and a selection of fittings.
One end of the inner wire comes fitted with a carburettor nipple, while the other end can be cut to length and the required nipple soldered in place - fittings can be adapted for a range of models.
Clutch cable kits also come with 2.35 m of teflon-lined outer conduit and 2.6 m of galvanised steel inner rope, for maximum strength with minimum stretch. Two versions are available, one with metric adjusters and the other with imperial fittings.
Imperial and metric throttle and clutch kits available. Those wishing to add a splash of colour can specify outer conduit in blue, green, red grey or yellow at no extra cost.



Upgraded replacement OE size off-road brake kits

Spanish manufacturer Galfer has introduced a new programme of OE size off-road replacement brake kits that upgrade the braking performance on many of the most popular makes and models of MX bikes – brands such as KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Beta and TM.

The new kits include front and rear fixed disc Wave W in the original size and sintered G1396 brake pads “at a very low price”, according to CEO Umberto Milesi.

Steve Holcombe, current World EnduroGP Champion

“In fact, these new off-road Wave W brake discs will reduce the price for 2018 replacements by up to 25 percent despite being still of the utmost quality with the kind of performance that everyone expects from Galfer”.

Umberto Milesi: “These new off-road Wave W brake discs will reduce the price for
2018 replacements by up to 25 percent”

Steve Holcombe, current World EnduroGP Champion, used the Galfer original size brake kit on his way to the 2017 title in his bike when he won the title last year.
Galfer, who again won a prestigious KTM/Husqvarna ‘Supplier Quality Award’ last year, are still offering their popular and powerful oversize kits for most popular makes and models of off-roaders.


Man on bike pic caption:


KLR 650 replica trail parts; MX clear kits

Replica plastics specialist Polisport has released parts for Kawasaki’s KLR 650 - one of the most popular dual-purpose bikes.

Parts for Kawasaki’s KLR 650

The quality and the standards used in the production of these parts are the same as those that Polisport is known for with its off-road replica plastics, “so dealers can expect parts with OEM quality at a fraction of the price”, the company says.
Items for the KLR 650 include a replacement rear fender, right and left-hand radiator scoops and right and left-hand side panels.

Founder and CEO Pedro Araújo: “All our products feature a formula that matches durability with design and outstanding performance. Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Polisport”

Winner of a prestigious Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ award in 2017, after 40 years in the off-road plastics business, Polisport has developed several exclusive technologies – such as in mould plastic decals (IPD), durable gloss polypropylene (DGP), plastic décor plus (PD+) and dual injection (DI).
Also seen here, Polisport has followed up its FLO yellow product lines by releasing a brand new approach to replacement replica plastics – an exclusive programme of clear plastic kits and spare parts for MX models.

Clear plastic kits and spare parts for MX models

Available as complete kits or individually for selected KTM, Yamaha and Honda models, items in this new line include replacement front and rear fenders, radiator scoops, side panels, airbox covers and number plates.
“We strive every day to improve our performance,” says founder and CEO Pedro Araújo. “All our products feature a formula that matches durability with design and outstanding performance. Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Polisport and this is reflected not only in the constant release of ground-breaking products, but also in the use of exclusive and ingenious new technologies.”